About us

Many  years back we were pressing  in prayer during an evening meeting. We were always a church that would cry out to the Lord for the nations. It was inbuilt in us. So I was on the floor and as I sought the Lord for territory I caught a glimpse of a vision of the One Canada Square building with a red sun behind it. I knew this was Canary Wharf and I started to pray for it. From then the burden for Canary Wharf and the Docklands never faded.


It was a childhood place, whereas a young girl from a broken home, it was somewhat of a restart for us. I also worked in Marsh Wall and can remember really loving the area. But it wasn’t really a place that had been on our radar as an area to press in for. Mainly because it was primarily a commercial environment. At the time, my husband and I had a real burden for East London as a whole.


But I continued to pray for Canary Wharf and the Docklands. These simple prayers started a fascination and stirred my heart with a compassion and love for the people who worked and lived on the Island. I realised that the Crossrail was connecting up key dots across the city and this included Canary Wharf. I also realised that it was increasingly becoming residential in its outlook. Furthermore, the phasing in of Brexit would mean that the banking landscape was being shaken and this could mean job changes for those working on the Island.


In November 2016, seeking the Lord brought about a clarity in a mandate for the area. We believe God wants to raise up an army of consecrated worshippers for the habitation of His glory, which will overflow into works of justice. He wants to raise up a people that will live out their story for the King of Glory.


In April 2017 we asked our previous pastors for us to be released to go take to the mission field in the Docklands. We have been praying on the Island just as a family since June 2017. We feel with all the changes affecting the Island, there is a great opportunity to pray for the churches here to increase in their harvest, for islanders to encounter Jesus in a real way to the point of abundant restoration into their destiny and for a revival to sweep the marketplace and the youth.


The London Docklands, also known as the Port of London, from the 1600s was always a multicultural hub due to the attraction of the docks. If you have a heart for Canary Wharf, the Docklands or East London - we believe that this is our Duet 8:7-10. Join us in interceding for His Kingdom to come.

Ruban & Ruth Soundarajah

Senior Leaders